Missing features on Apple fitness?

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I am a big Apple fan and carry a range of products. Also, I have always been a great supporter of Apple’s user friendly approach to features and integration.
Now, I have started to use apple fitness and I am absolutely puzzled to say the least how unuseful, user limiting and demotivating the offering is. I can only believe I fail finding the right settings maybe? Can anyone help, pls?

How can I be constraint in fast forwarding or backwarding functions during my workouts? it makes absolutely no sense to a user to restart a session just because one got interrupted. Or simply because I wish to redo a few exercises again. Did anyone solve this yet?
The most simple features are missing at least for me, e.g. slow down and decide on the speed of your yoga or pilates workouts, filter for intensity, setup different profiles for family who are using the same iPad or TV for example; basic features peers implemented years ago - truly disappointing or am I completely missing sth?


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  • Missing features on Apple fitness?
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We appreciate your post in the Apple Support Community.

You're right. Currently, Apple Fitness+ does not allow users to fast forward or rewind through workouts. The idea might be to encourage users to complete workouts in one go, but in practice, interruptions do occur, and it can be frustrating not to have the ability to move through the video as one can with almost any other media playback system.

As of now, you can't adjust the speed of Apple Fitness+ workouts. This is a feature available on some other platforms and can be useful for those who want to move at a different pace than the instructor.

While you can choose workouts based on type, trainer, time, and music, there isn't a direct filter for intensity.

Currently, Apple Fitness+ is tied to an individual's Apple ID and Apple Watch, so there's no easy way to switch between profiles on a single device. This can be limiting for families or households where multiple people want to use the service on the same device.

While Apple Fitness+ has received praise for its integration with the Apple ecosystem and the quality of its workouts, it has also faced criticism for missing features, some of which you've highlighted. Apple typically iterates and improves its services over time, so it's possible some of these issues will be addressed in future updates.

If you feel strongly about these features, consider providing feedback directly to Apple. They often take user feedback into account when rolling out updates.

For English speakers, we have a dedicated community right here: discussions.apple.com.
Since your message is in English, we warmly invite you to join us in that community.

Thank you!
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