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Diskutiere, Restore deleted photos in iOS Apps forum; Hello, all the photos I had in the deleted photos folder were deleted from my phone, can I get...
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Hello, all the photos I had in the deleted photos folder were deleted from my phone, can I get the deleted photos back?
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  • Restore deleted photos
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  • Restore deleted photos
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Thank you for posting in the Apple Support Community. I understand the importance of your deleted photos. If you deleted them from the "Recently Deleted" folder, you can recover them by going to the "Photos" app, selecting the "Recently Deleted" album, choosing the photos, and tapping "Recover."

If you permanently deleted the photos, check if you have an iCloud backup that includes them. You can restore your iPhone from the backup, but be aware that it will replace your current data.

I hope this helps you recover your photos.

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